1.Privacy Policy

ZipanGood Inc. (hereinafter, “ZIPANGOOD”) is involved in various business activities centered on supporting businesses in expanding overseas.
At ZIPANGOOD we understand that personal information of customers and all stakeholders connected to our business activities (including shareholders
and employees; hereinafter the “INDIVIDUALS”) should be handled appropriately and with care based on the Act on the Protection of Personal
Information and the principles of respect for personal rights (privacy protection) and in addition to complying with laws and regulations we pledge to the following regarding handling of personal information based on an understanding of how it is closely related to individual rights and interests.

(1)We comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the guidelines in the fields of economy, trade and industry related to the same,
other related laws and ordinances as well as the guidelines and other norms designated by the government. Furthermore, all personal information is appropriately handled based on best practices related to the handling thereof determined to be generally fair and appropriate. These efforts are improved
as deemed fit.

(2)We clearly standardize the methods of handling personal information and thoroughly inform all employees and other personnel. We also demand our partners and suppliers to appropriately handle personal information.

(3)Regarding collection of personal information, we identify, give notice and publish the purpose for use of such information and gain permission for use
as needed, handling the personal information according to the purpose of use.

(4)Regarding handling of personal information, in general a retention period is defined within the required range of the purpose of use and except as
handling is exceptionally approved by law, after the retention period has completed or the purpose of use has been achieved personal information shall be destroyed without delay.

(5)To prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, we put in place organizational, personal, physical and technical safety control mechanisms. Additionally, when deemed inappropriate, the cause shall be eliminated and corrective measures shall be taken to prevent recurrence.

(6)We have in place a designated means of contact for customers and INDIVIDUALS to request release, revision, deletion and cease of use of retained personal information and we respond in good faith to such requests.

(7)In consideration of the content and scale of the business activities, we perform appropriate collection, use and provision of personal information. Approval procedures are defined to handling of personal information beyond the range required to achieved the designated purpose of use and we ensure that it is not used except for the purpose including monitoring that it is not used beyond the purpose.

(8)In order to appropriately and rapidly respond to complaints and inquiries, we establish a reasonable designated means of contact. We put in place appropriate measures to minimize problems and their scope.

(9)Through regular internal auditing, promotion of technology and adapting to changing societal conditions we continuously improve our privacy policy and internal controls.

Dated September 1, 2015
CEO Masaaki Shimamura

2.Inquiries regarding protection of personal information

ZipanGood Inc. – Complaints/Inquiries Hotline & Personal Information Handling Hotline
Customers and other individuals: 03-6457-1771
Reception: Weekdays * 9:30 to 17:30
* Not available on weekends, holidays, and during summer and winter vacations.