What will it take to create a sustainable world?

We are facing a host of serious global environmental challenges—
from rapid population growth and deforestation to global warming,
soil pollution, water pollution, food shortages, and more.
Now more than ever, I am convinced that our world needs Japanese ideas and Japanese technologies
to overcome this crisis and help create sustainable communities everywhere.

Still, many Japanese companies are ill equipped to handle globalization,
and have fallen behind in terms of entering overseas markets.

To top it off, foreign companies are in the process of cashing in with their own versions of “Japanese” products.
As a result, world markets are overflowing with fake Japanese goods.

We’ve got to take action now to change the tide.


Trade name


Listed as

ZipanGood Inc.


January 15, 2015


JPY 40 million (including capital reserve)

Management team

Masaaki Shimamura Co-founder and CEO
Tokihiro Fukushima Co-founder and COO


2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo





Business activities

Theme park planning
Support for overseas expansion
Event planning and operations
E-commerce site planning

Overseas Branch

Zipangood Taiwan Inc.
Tokihiro Fukushima Managing Director
Shinya Yamanaka President
4F.-2E, No.23, Ln. 45, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



Partner and CEO Masaaki Shimamura was born in 1969
and started his first business in 1997.

He served as the CEO of e-MachiTown, Co., Ltd. (formerly Crayfish),
listed on the Mothers section of the TSE, for six years beginning in 2002.
In 2009 he established Clown Consulting. He also runs bgent, a unique
business portal site that utilizes web-based marketing. Shimamura has
brought together numerous business models and merchandise from all
over Japan to boost the success of third-party marketers, agents, and
more. He founded ZipanGood in January 2015 and currently acts as CEO
in addition to taking charge of the Japan Alliances, Online Marketing,
and Administrative departments. Masaaki Shimamura’s part of the
corporate mission is to monetize Japan.

Partner and COO Tokihiro Fukushima was born in 1975
and joined Onward Kashiyama, Co., Ltd. in 1998.

He worked as an executive at a startup company before opening his own
office in 2005 as a notary public specializing in support for
entrepreneurs. He launched an Asian market expansion support project
linking operational centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and
Korea, and in 2012 established GTA Trading & Consulting Ltd. in Hong
Kong. He assisted Japanese companies with Asian market expansion
through its extensive professional networks throughout the region.
Fukushima begin shifting his focus to business expansion in Dubai and
the Middle East in 2014, and is currently working on various projects
linking business activities in the Middle East and Asia. He helped
establish ZipanGood in January 2015 and currently serves as the
company’s COO. He is in charge of Overseas Alliances and Event
Planning departments. Tokihiro Fukushima’s part of the corporate
mission is to convey authentic Japan to the world.


October 2014 Masaaki Shimamura and Tokihiro Fukushima meet in the Republic of Azerbaijan
December 2014 Project launched to convey authentic Japan to the world and monetize Japan
January 2015 ZipanGood Inc. established (headquarters in Koto-ku, Tokyo)
April 2015 Healthcare clinic project launched in the Jumeirah region of Dubai
June 2015 Local subsidiary Tovuz-ZIPAN GOOD established in the Republic of Azerbaijan
July 2015 Japan Azerbaijan Agriculture Medical Association established (in Koto-ku, Tokyo)
September 2015 Tomato-growing project launched in the Tovuz region of Azerbaijan
November 2015 ZipanGood Exhibition 2015 held at the Far Eastern Department Store (opened at the Banqiao District in Taipei)
February 2016 ZipanGood Azer Inc. established (in Baku, Azerbaijan)
June 2016 ZipanGood Taiwan Inc. established (in Taipei, Taiwan)
July 2016 ZipanGood SUMMER SWEETS SELECTION held at the Pacific SOGO ZhongXiao, Taipei
August 2016 Cancer Prevention Service "Mamo~ru" officially launched